Savage Comebacks for Relatives Asking for Exam Results

Dealing with nosy relatives who constantly ask about your exam results can be frustrating. Instead of feeling cornered, why not respond with a bit of wit and humor? In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of savage comebacks for relatives asking for exam results. These clever and funny replies will help you handle those awkward questions with confidence and style. Perfect for adding a touch of sass to family gatherings, these comebacks will leave everyone impressed by your quick thinking and sharp wit.

1. अरे अंक पूछकर क्यों अपना BP बढ़ा रहे हो, कभी ये भी पूछ लिया करो कि मैं जिंदा हूँ या नहीं। Why raise your BP by asking for my marks, maybe you can ask whether I am alive or dead for a change.
2. रिजल्ट बताऊं? लेकिन उससे पहले ये बताओ, आपने गणित में कितने नंबर लाए थे? – Should I tell you the results? But first, how many marks did YOU get in Maths?
3. अंक पूछने से आपके शेयर मार्केट के दाम तो नहीं बढ़ेंगे, अपना टाइम बर्बाद मत करो! – Asking about my marks won’t raise your stock market prices, don’t waste your time!
4. मेरे नंबर पूछकर क्या करोगे, क्या आप उन्हें अपने फेसबुक स्टेटस पर डालने वाले हैं? – What will you do with my marks, do you plan to put them on your Facebook status?
5. हाँ, रिजल्ट आए हैं, विराट कोहली ने शतक लगा दिया! – Yes, results are out, Virat Kohli scored a century!
6. रिज़ल्ट देने से पहले एक मिनट का मौन उन रिश्तेदारों के लिए जिनको रिजल्ट से ज्यादा मार्कशीट का चाव है! – One minute’s silence for relatives who care more about the marksheet photo than the results!

7. अरे अंक पूछने से क्या मिलेगा, कभी ये भी पूछो कि मैं कॉलेज जाऊं या मूवी देखने जाऊं? – What would you get from my marks, ask me whether I plan to go to college or watch a movie sometimes!
8. “रिजल्ट कब तक आएंगे? जब आप पूछना बंद कर देंगे। “When will the results be out?” When you stop asking.
9. मेरे नंबर पूछकर क्या आप उनके आधार पर रिश्ता तय करने वाले हैं? – Are you asking for my marks so that you can fix my marriage based on that?
10. मेरे नंबर पूछकर आपको मज़ा आता है या अपने failures भूलने का मौका मिलता है? – Does asking for my marks make you happy or is it a way to hide your own failures?

In conclusion, facing nosy relatives doesn’t have to be stressful. With these savage comebacks for relatives asking for exam results, you can turn the tables and handle their questions with ease and humor. We hope these witty responses have armed you with the perfect replies for any family gathering. Remember, a little bit of sass can go a long way in keeping those nosy questions at bay.